Fundraising Ideas

Want to support the patients at Texas Children's, but need help with a creative idea to get you started? Check out some of these ideas for inspiration. They range from simple to funny to productive to crazy and everything in between.

Make a self-improvement. Lose weight, quit smoking or start an exercise plan this summer. Family and friends can sponsor you and cheer you along. You will be a superhero to sick children and also to yourself.

Plan an event. Invite friends and family over for a movie night, girls or guys night and do it to help the boys and girls being treated at Texas Children's. If want to hold a larger community event, please fill out the event proposal form and submit it to Kelley Holloway who will be in touch shortly.

Dress the part. Dress as a superhero for a day or see how many days you can wear your favorite dress or jeans in different ways. Ask your friends to sponsor you.

Go without. Love sweets, chocolate, salt, or any other indulgence? Go without to help heal sick children.

Dare to be super. Accept a dare and commit to go through with it once you meet your fundraising goal.

Host an eating contest. Hot dogs, pie, ice cream...the sky is the limit.

Get away with your favorite activity. Play video games for 24 straight hours, have a movie watching marathon, or host a poker tournament. What could be a better excuse than being a superhero to sick children?

Be lazy. Don't shave or cut your hair for a week, month, or the entire summer! Sleep in until noon. You can get away with it -- you are doing it to heal sick children!

Have a friendly competition with a friend. Who can be the biggest superhero and raise the most money to help heal sick children?

Get the kids involved. Host a trike-a-thon, set up a lemonade stand or set a goal to read a set amount of books this summer. It's a great way to teach your kids the value of giving back.

Turn a hobby into something more. Take something you already do or are planning to do this summer and do it to help heal sick children. Tennis, racing, mountain climbing, scuba diving, sky diving, etc...