Dr. Peter Kazembe Memorial Fund

Dr. Peter Nicholas Kazembe was the founding executive director of Baylor College of Medicine Children's Foundation - Malawi. Dr. Kazembe has been responsible for training and mentoring countless Texas Children's Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine residents, fellows and physicians across pediatric programs. He was also integral to establishment of Texas Children's global health programs in Malawi, including Women's Health, pediatric cancer, emergency medicine, cardiology and many others. 

Kazembe, often considered the “grandfather of pediatrics” in Malawi, made monumental contributions to the health of children and families in Malawi and beyond over his decades-long career. He was instrumental in the development of pediatrics as a specialty in Malawi. His collaborations and mentorship impacted the careers of thousands of doctors and health professionals, who now provide stellar pediatric care throughout Africa and beyond. He was for many years the only Malawian neonatology working in the country and made daily rounds at the hospital neonatal nursery. 

In honor of Kazembe’s work, he will be posthumously awarded the American Academy of Pediatrics 2020 Hillman-Olness Award for lifetime service and lasting contributions to global child health. The award will be presented on October 5.

Read more about Dr. Kazembe and this important honor, see photos and watch a video tribute, here: https://texaschildrensnews.org/global-health-program-loses-founding-member/ 

Help us create a lasting tribute to the life and work of Dr. Kazembe. Your gift will be used to enhance neonatal care at Kamuzu Central Hospital and support a neonatal care training center at the Jan Duncan Center of Excellence for Women's Health at Area 25 Hospital in Malawi.

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